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Silks specializes in renting floral arrangements for any occasion. The arrangements are of exceptional quality and design, from traditional to the most stunning and personalized. There are no seasonal limitations and there is the option to purchase for lasting memories. 

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 There are many benefits in choosing silk arrangements!

High quality- Our flowers are made from the highest quality silk and professionally designed for a captivating display.

More affordable- This is the most cost effective alternative to purchasing fresh flowers.

No seasonal limitations- Our flowers are always in season.

Long lasting- Silk flowers will last a lifetime, no wilting, bruising or falling apart.

Hypoallergenic- Many people have allergies to fresh flowers, our flower completely eliminate the possibility of an allergic reaction.

No Mess- There is no worry of stained clothing, water spills or insects.

Silks Beautiful floral arrangement are half the cost of purchasing fresh floral arrangements!
Silk flowers have come a long way. The level of beauty and realism is sure to impress!